Anxient Aliens

by Anxient Aliens

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Initial EP in support of Anxient Aliens 2015 summer tour


released August 5, 2015

Jared Law // Renner Burkle



all rights reserved


Anxient Aliens Davis, California

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Track Name: Liquidation of the UFO Investigators
You see last night
came again the blinding light
the heavens split just like before
we ran inside and hit the floor
and in the coming gloom
our keeiloid began to bloom
like spiders across our chest
scurrying outside

and to eventual suicide
filled with a fear we couldn't hide
desert shook from commotion
and I saw old Jed singing kingdom come
from dank burrows sprang hounds of hell
in white vans
black balaclavas
saying come my son step in to the
it'll be alright
come out of the cold

heaven's arms exaulted love
how could I refuse you
I stood in stark atonement
yet so naked
as I cried
soothe me my good gold god
am I nothing to you
even though I am your vessel I can't see you
for I am so blind
and I'm still bound
stillborn in amniotic tears
let us forsake the sky
return me
to the
Track Name: New Dawn
we peak tonight
just remember
do you really wanna live for ever
so join hands and fly free
if you want
to die with me

we kiss goodnight
so remember
the serpent's tongue
begets this pleasure
and baby you and I
are going down down down
lower than ground
we can be
what we were born to be

and tonight
it all is over
this endless pain
this cosmic winter
known as humanity
we can be
we can finally be free

and tonight
it passes over
the comet's trail
to endless summer
so wake up from your dream
and scream with me
you can be
as was foretold in your destiny
Track Name: Bleached/Perfect Bore
you're such a perfect bore
ima bring my troops to war
I bet you think the sun shines out your fresh bleached asshole
the sun shines out your fresh bleached asshole
I know you're full of shit
even if you don't know it's true

ima bring my hate to you
ima bring my pain to you
you know that this is war
you know just what it's for
ima bring my perfect bod
ima bring my face like god
you know we're gonna be
so much bigger than you motherfuckers
Track Name: Chaise Lounge
sit down
on my chaise lounge
I need to know your secrets
before we begin
the extraction
I need to know them
I need to know them

what was your father like
what was your father like
do you remember that day
summer 95
consumed by the hive
bumpin playas ball
you went for a drive

then you saw the ship
and it saw you too
and since that day
nothing could be so true
and tho they deny you
you can't deny them
in a flash of light
your truck took flight
the metallic maw
the last thing you saw
as they took you up
in the vorporal claw

I think I know
something you should know
though you think you're free
we never let you go

take a look around
feel the warm wet ground
everything you feel
none of it is real

somewhere in New Jersey
there's a protein slurry
in a metal vat
your whole life is that

kept alive by wires
the scientists grow tired
a sigh and the a cough
it's time to turn you off
Track Name: Landic
the glowing child
you hold in your arms
slowly decays as it's losing its light
the arc of the lighthouse
swings wide in the night
and then stops
it's been blocked

by some blank black tower
you've never seen before
it's glass and steel
reflect the cold expanse of space
it pulls you in
to some unknown night
you wanted to go there
you wanted it so bad

eat the child
even the bones
and astral project
sun up be christened
in blood of the slain
and awake again
and enter in
the merciless
kingdom of night

some blank black tower
you've never seen before
its crystal parapets
reflect the cold expanse of space
and xenophilic love
empties your heart
of these silly things
you approach your queen